DH Project Writing

Plotting and Scheming, or Outlining

This is how my project will be laid out on my WordPress. The pages will be in the header under “The Key(word) to the Madwoman’s Attic.” The pages will be:

  1. Introduction
    1. First Point: Gilbert and Gubar summarization
    1. Second Point: DH context and feminist discourse
    1. Third Point: How my argument situates itself within the discourse and opens possibilities
    1. Argument: Sourcing keywords from Gilbert and Gubar’s close reading methods and translating that content into focused-distant reading, data-driven methods proves that one does not need to have read or perform laborious close reading to prove that female-authored books of the 19th century concealed intensely feminist narratives revolving around independent protagonists who were characterized by their mad tendencies and/or strong instincts and who were oftentimes kept/living in confined, dark spaces; in doing so I assert that digital humanities methods open up a path via which feminist scholarship can be more widely applied to under-studied novels and help us better understand the manner in which female authors subverted male-dominated genres and tropes. Transitions to information on discourse. 
    1. Transition: Something catchy about methods. I want my project to present itself as accessible, colloquial, and story-like.
  2. Sources
    1. This page will include all of novels their relevant publication information.
    1. Insert link to Project Gutenberg and talk about that site.
  3. Methods
    1. This will include the information about how I used AntConc and more broadly, what AntConc is. 
      1. Define the Keyword in Context (KWIC) tool
        1. Insert photo of the tool
      1. Define the Clusters Tool.
        1. Insert photo of the Clusters tool.
      1. Give information about the AntConc settings and what the ones I am using mean/how they are being used in relation to each tool.
      1. Define the keywords and why I picked those words.
      1. Brief overview on my method for running the keywords and how I kept the information straight.
    1. Transition: And the moment we’ve all been waiting for… the results!
  4. Results and Analyses
    1. This will be my analyses of a handful of keywords. I will analyze a snippet of every novel in my corpus in relation to at least one keyword. 
    1. I will analyze these keywords in depth:
      1. Mad
        1. Wuthering Heights analysis
          1. photo
        1. Jane Eyre analysis
          1. photo
        1. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall analysis
          1. photo
        1. The House of the Seven Gables analysis
          1. Photo
        1. Lady Audley’s Secret analysis
          1. Photo
        1. Overall cluster analyses 
          1. Photo 
      1. Independent 
        1. Add in the importance of genre in this keyword
        1. Pride and Prejudice analysis 
          1. Photo
        1. Sense and Sensibility analysis
        1. Overall cluster analysis
          1. photo
      1. Space 
        1. Lady Audley’s Secret analysis
          1. Photo
        1. Marriage analysis 
          1. Photo
        1. A Tale of Two Cities analysis
          1. Photo
        1. Overall cluster analysis
          1. photo
    1. Transition: These results provide a small portion of what this project can do, but enough to show its validity.
  5. Conclusion
    1. Start by summarizing my analyses.
    1. State again that these analyses are fully fledged but they are not the entire picture, the other words prove similar results and this kind of analysis proves that the project methods are valid and useful.
    1. Add in conversation how this is an important addition to the field.
    1. Talk about how this project would continue in the future
      1. Additions the corpus and other considerations
    1. Close by reaffirming my work and inviting others to engage. 

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  • Karalee

    Hey Emma! This seems like a pretty well-organized approach to tackling your argument — might be looking back at this page for some inspiration for my own setup!! Look forward to seeing your completed project.

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